Mark Lynham | About


Im an uber keen hobbyist photographer based in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire. The photo over there is a selfie that i recently did, using my phone as a trigger for the light, and achieved a Silver award with The Guild Of Photographers for this image.
I started my photography journey back in September 2011 at the tender age of 48 when i embarked on an intensive 3 month course with The Open University and since then i've been hooked.

I shoot many genres but my main passion is aviation and wildlife.



I am a member of The Guild Of Photographers and have won many awards for my images with them and most recently became their overall 'Photographer Of The Year' for 2017, along with the 'All Round Photographer of The Year' for 2017 and winner of the Open catagory for 2017. I was also their overall 'Photographer Of The Year' for 2016 and again winning their Open catagory. These awards are based on how images scored during the period of the year, taking your best 8 months in to account. Its a tough and fiercely competitive competition so I'm extremely proud to have been awarded these titles.

I also gained my Craftsman qualification with The Guild Of Photographers in February 2017, this is where i had to submit a printed panel of 12 images to the Guilds judges for their consideration.

It had to follow a theme so i chose aviation, and the images had to work together as a panel as opposed to be 12 individual images, this was the part that was quite difficult.

My next goal is to work towards becoming a Master Craftsman.


I hope you enjoy my work.